In loving memory

Black brushed with gold, floppy tips on her ears, tail wagging.

If you knew her, you'd miss how excited she was to see you.

You'd miss the way she followed you around. She was always close by.

You'd miss the way she needed you, genuinely needed you to console her during a thunderstorm.

You'd miss how much she enjoyed running around without a care.

You'd miss how she trusted you. To care for her, to clean off her paws after a walk, to gently brush her fur, to scratch an itch behind her ear.

You'd forgive her failings, because you were both learning and growing together.

We spend so much time on dreams and ideas that we hope will bring happiness, but often they're just illusions. It's only when we look back that we realize, happiness was there the whole time. She was there. She was real.

March 12, 2002 — December 4, 2017

Never far. Never forgotten.